When T-shirt Quilt Cafe opened in 2007, we simply called this collection T-shirt Quilt.  Later on our creative team put together new designs therefore, changing this style to "The Original."  

 Squares are cut in 12x12 and is separated by sashing.  Sashing is the fabric on the front of the quilt that separates the t-shirts and is used as a border.  A solid color is chosen to complement your shirts.  You may either pick a color yourself or leave it up to us.  The back of your quilt can be a solid or patterned fleece.  We use high quality, anti-pill fleece for both sides.  As a fun option, we can tie the edges after the sides have been securely machine sewn.  

Sometimes several shirts are sent to us where the logos are larger than the 12x12 square.  A bigger square can be used, usually 15x15, however we will need to charge a small fee ($1 more per square) to cover the extra cost of fabric.  We will contact you to discuss the options; either go ahead and cut off some of the logo or move to the larger square.  If the bigger square is what you choose, an invoice will be emailed for the extra charge.