Expresso Quilt


Product Description

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO INTRODUCE THE EXPRESSO QUILT! Here are reasons to love our new quilt:

*Lower cost! We have done our best to keep this a cute, but afforable quilt at a price that is almost unbeatable.

*High quaility! We machine sew the t-shirts or sweatshirts together in 12" or 14" squares depending on your logo sizes.  We also put a 3" border of anti-pill fleece around the edge as well as use anti-pill fleece on the back.  The two layers (your t-shirts are the top layer and the fleece is the bottom layer) are machine sewn together.

The Expresso is a fast, no frills kind of quilt...which is why we can offer it at a lower price.  Please keep in mind when ordering this quilt we do not offer special appliqués or preview of your quilt.  You can prearrange and email a photo to   If you are wanting a more specialized quilt, please take a look at one of our other styles.