If you would like to personalize your t-shirt quilt even more, we will work with you to find a pattern fleece for the back of your blanket. There is a small charge for pattern fleece that we will bill through an email invoice. Send us an email or let us know in the comment box that you are interested and we will contact you.

Product Description

The MOSAIC quilt is designed with each t-shirt logo in straight lines and uniform squares in this quilt. This quilt option allows you to use as many t-shirts as you wish and no two quilts will look the same! There is no sashing but we can add in blocks of color that coordinate with your quilt and make it look even more fabulous. And of course, cozy fleece is used for the backing.

For each different size of the Mosaic blanket, we offer suggestions on the number of t-shirts needed. However, the Mosaic style is like a puzzle and we will never know how the shirts will fit together until we can lay them all out. Do your best to pick the size you think is the best fit OR the size you wish to have and we will work with you.

Here are several scenarios we come across when making the Mosaic;

Return unused T's if too many were sent, Use all the T's you sent and we will invoice you for the difference if it turns out to be a larger quilt, Use filler material to make the size quilt you desire (if not enough shirts are sent) or Wait and you can send us more T's.

As you can see, Mosiacs are unique....and we'll make sure you get what you want!!!

Check out the Fleece Colors & Pattern page for all our fun, fleece options!